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South Pole ice cream is the first store to supply Asian-style ice cream rolls in ocean city & Salisbury. This concept is created in the streets of Thailand, supplying fresh, custom ice cream. Inspired by this ice cream art, through the bartenders cleverly make custom cocktails, South Pole fusion of two ways for the ice cream lovers to create a compromise palette experience. We roll each individual ice cream order with the freshest ingredients in front of you, meaning that no preservatives or stabilizers are added. It is the most original ice cream.

Located in the downtown of the ocean city close to the beach boardwalk , in full of sunny summer, we invite you to experience the feeling of fresh handmade ice cream by person At South Pole , we strive to achieve the same feeling as every customer, turning the liquid cream into ice cream in two minutes. With ice plates up to -12 ° F, ice cream produces smaller ice molecules that make them naturally smoother and smoother, without the addition of additional fat and emulsifiers, resulting in the same milky texture as we are ice cream.

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We strive to open a unique ice cream shop that combines Asian and American skills with modern elements, reflecting the way our community develops - while rejuvenating the mind and livelihoods while maintaining a true foundation.

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